Three, it's the magic number…

Magic Number Creative offers copywriting, media training and pretty much any other stuff that involves words and being clever (but not too clever).

Magic Number Creative is three award-winning consumer journalists based in east London. Together we have 40 years of journalistic experience at the highest levels. We're fast, effective and we hit deadlines.

Magic Number Creative's copywriting will ensure your brand is simply communicated, in language that makes sense to the mainstream consumer, using lively and engaging copy. We also provide effective media training: we know how to ask the awkward questions, we can teach you to answer them.

Magic Number Creative experts:
Simon Munk: consumer technology, videogames, outdoors, cycling.
Caramel Quin: gadgets and technology, the internet, consumer advice, eco-friendly products.
Chris Haslam: green living, homes/interiors, consumer technology, appliances.

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